We’ve all heard about it. We’ve all read and seen about it. Starting January 2015, Facebook will be implementing new changes and policies that will limit the reach of ‘business pages.’ To what extent I have no clue and I know many blogger and author friends have sought out social media alternatives, but I for one am planning on riding this crisis out. And though a big reason is that I don’t want to manage yet another social media profile (more work for me, more work for followers), my main reason is that…

But don’t get me wrong. In the beginning I did, and it was so frustrating because I was so sure I ‘liked’ the page already, so why wasn’t I getting posts? After a lot of commiserating and doing a little digging, I came up with a few step by step tips that may ensure you see posts from your favorite pages.

I’ve liked the page. Now what??
Great! That’s pretty much the first step if you want to even have a 1% chance of seeing the page’s posts on your feed. And usually when you do hit ‘like,’ you’ll also immediately be ‘following’ the page too, as shown here:

They’re definitely not the same thing though. A ‘like’ means you’ve been added to the pool of followers and fans of the page. To ‘follow’ ensures that you at least have a chance to see the page’s posts on your feed. Usually not hitting the follow button is the reason why many don’t see posts. In that case, the page would look like this to you:

Alrighty from here you have a couple of options. This first one is 100% guaranteed you’ll see EVERY post from the page. Under the ‘Liked’ button, hover over it and you should see some options drop down. Click the first one that says ‘Get Notifications.’ It should look like this:

What this option does is that every time the page posts, you are notified. I personally use this option very rarely as I don’t want my notifications to go out of control. But it’s definitely a safe measure and better to see everything than nothing, know what I mean?

I don’t like the ‘Get Notifications’ option. Too much. Is there another option?
As a matter of fact, there is, and it’s actually what I use myself and I’ve never been let down since I started doing it 2 months ago. For those that don’t know, you can add a page to an ‘interest list’ which then on your homepage sidebar, a section titled ‘Interests’ appear and in that section, you will ONLY see posts from pages you added to that list. No ads. No interference. Just posts from those pages. It’s almost like the old Facebook again!
To do this, once again hover over the ‘Liked’ button until an options lists drops down. Click the “Add to Interests Lists” option like I’ve got here:
From there, you can title your list to whatever you want and then it’ll prompt you to add pages to your list. Add your favorite pages you want to see posts from and now you’ve created a section where you can see posts from pages only. If you refresh your homepage and look at your left sidebar, you should see an Interests section like I have:
My ‘Important Favorites’ list is shown underneath and once I click on that, I see every post, every update from the pages I added in there. It’s quick, it’s efficient, and it helps me as a blogger to stay on top of the latest author news, releases, and book sales.
Is there anything else I can do to help see posts more often, even if I use all the options above?
Liking, commenting, and sharing posts does help increase post visibility and it makes it so that you see more from that particular page. Facebook assumes that since you like, click, comment, share, etc… on a post from a page that you want to see more from that page. I’ve liked over 1000 pages and yet I see about 70 of them in my newsfeed. I definitely interact with those pages more than I do with others. And of course, the good ol’-fashioned way is to just visit those pages you want to see posts from. I have a select group of authors and blogs I visit their pages a few times a day so I see everything they’ve posted.
I’m sure most of us have liked a ton of pages. Even if a page posts only 1 thing a day, that’s still a ton of posts Facebook is tasked to show on your feed and it’s easy for the feed to get congested. But with a little work on everyone’s part, post visibility is actually a solvable issue. And even if the changes rolled out next year severely cuts down on the organic reach? If you choose one of the above options and take precautions, you CAN still see posts.