Buy A King Size Memory Foam Mattress For Uninterrupted Sleep

Falling into deep sleep depends on the mattress you sleep on, and if it adjusts to your needs. Being something special and splendidly spacious than anything to sleep on, a king size memory foam mattress is an investment to make for better sleep and healthy living.

Lots of people fail to appreciate how pleasurable and lovely it is to hit the sack on a memory foam mattress king size that offers extreme comfort. Agreed, many are quite okay with the spring mattresses they have, hence they do not see the comfort lying in the form of a foam mattress but why not the best one that is beneficial to your health, and that helps to get into that deepest sleep you always dream of.

Stacked into multiple layers of memory foam, it does better than ordinary thin bedding, offering great comfort with a layer on the bottom to support the one on top. More layers indicate better resilience and great durability, and as a result years of great comfort. Sleeping on one of them creates an impression of ‘melting’ into the bedding as it takes the shape of your body, which you can notice while you get up. The mattress still has your shape. As the name indicates, this kind of memory foam mattresses requires more space than the rest of the mattresses available on the market, ergo making sure you have a lot of room to tuck the king size memory foam mattress it is very important

The memory foam mattress is just not about size but the different options that come along, providing greater comfort and enhancing the sleeping experience. Some features include quilted stitching equipped with better padding for backs, padded coil or coil free support systems, which help minimize the intensity of aches as well as pains. By way of reducing the total number of pressure points, the aforementioned features take you to deep sleep as soon as you lay down on it. Not everyone needs a King mattress. For children and teenagers, a TWIN size mattress is more suitable. You can check the list of twin size mattresses on FoamGlobes for comparison or find your favorite.

twin size memory foam mattress
twin size memory foam mattress

The modern king size memory foam mattress has a thick foam base made of high-density polyurethane, topped with say 2 to 3 inches of memory foam, forming an ensemble which is normally enclosed in cotton velour cover that comes off. For better comfort, go for memory foam with three inches as a minimum. A good mattress should be decently firm, responding well to the contours of the body, and in turn, reducing the number of pressure points which cause a lot of tossing and turning while you’re asleep.

People generally grumble that memory foams get warmer in hot temperatures, hence there arises a need to negate the heat that develops inside. A well-designed king size memory foam mattress would make sure you stay at a very comfortable temperature all night long, thus enabling you to sleep deeply and soundly. Canceling out the heat that memory foam generally absorbs it is quite important, seeing that a cool mattress helps you sleep well. To that end, new technologies promoting better air flow is employed in manufacturing modern king size memory foam mattresses so there is no change in pressure and weight to boot.

Another quality that memory foam is associated with is its tendency to catch fire, hence, to counteract the threat of a potential fire, sophisticated memory foam mattresses come with fire retardant barriers which come in handy. A mattress that has a doughy, soft consistency which conforms to pressure and weight well, that is proofed against dust mites, allergens, mold, microbes and bacteria, that is light to lug and install, that is not as smelly as most other brands are, is indeed the perfect mattress.

While in pursuit of such bedding, make sure you know what you want. Figure your budget, as the cost generally goes up as the mattress gets thicker. Hence strike the right balance between the thickness and what you can manage to fork over. Research online and locate shops that sell mattresses that have a certain trial period so you can feel more secure about your purchase of that king size memory foam mattress.

Make an investment for your wellbeing, and wake up to a comfortable sleep daily, feeling refreshed and revived in the morning.

What Comprises Of Memory Foam Mattresses

The memory foam mattresses are polyethylene which has a higher density memory that reacts softly to body heat. It is polyurethane with a chemical known as viscous-elastic. The foam with the lower density memory is sensitive to pressure and it quickly molds to the pressure that is exerted against it. It returns to its original size and level once the pressure is removed from it. The producers who make these foams can tell the importance and the advantages of these mattresses.

Engineering implements for its manufacturing

They also can claim the speed of the returning of these foams to their original level when the pressure in them is removed. Its original weight is also claimed when removed. This is an advantage to these memory foam mattresses by the producers. It was researched by the technicians to improve safety in the air crafts when it happens to cause an accident. There are major engineers who corporate to contribute to this project.

The rate of temperature which is sensitive to this memory foam is referred to as slow spring. It is also known as temper foams that are created by the feeding of gas into the polymer matrix. It has an open structure that will always match the amount of pressure that is contained inside it. It’s finally slowing down the springs back to its original level and size of the memory foam mattresses.memory foam mattress manufacturing

How other ways you can use it?

The company that manufactures this product also collaborated with NASA to commercialize these foams. This also was included in the medical types of equipment like the x-ray table pad machine. It was also included in the sports types of equipment like the helmet liners. This enhanced and provided a room for the expansion of more products. This was however used in medical settings to manage the utilization of the patients.

The patients were required to lie on the immobile bed on a firm mattress for a period of time on an unhealthy condition. The pressure over the regions in their body is regulated by decreasing the flow of the blood. Also, it stopped the outflow of blood in their body regions that cause pressure sores. Significantly, the memory foam mattresses decreased such events. The items are found at a much cheaper price for anyone to buy.

They are used as mattresses, pillowcases and also as blankets. It can be brought to use for medicinal purpose as they are used as wheelchair cushion seats etc. It is used as bed pillows in the hospitals for people who are suffering pain which is long term. This is used to pad posture problems such as a cervical foam memory pillow which alleviate the pains of the neck.

The use of heat

The heat that is contained in the memory foam mattresses retains properties that may help in the reducing of neck pain. This foam is denser than the usual ones making it more supportive. This also makes it heavy. They are sold at very higher prices than the normal ones. However, the comfort that you get is worth the price. The property in the memory foam mattresses is used to determine your comfort and luxury.

The Best King Size Memory Foam Mattress – Dream Collection 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

As with other memory foam mattresses of similar quality, the Dream Collection 10 inch Memory Foam Mattress King Size is manufactured from open-cell technology that enables the foam to depress in accordance to the contours and curves of your body yet remains at a cool surface temperature which cheaper memory foam mattresses are unable to do. The Dream  Collection 10 inch Memory Foam Mattress King Size is marketed in the USA by the company known as International Dream Collection, Inc. The memory foam mattress itself – the actual product – is manufactured in China.Dream Collection 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Although usually available for sale on the Amazon website, the Dream Collection 10 inch Memory Foam Mattress King Size is such a popular item that there is currently only one left in stock and this one is being sold by Amazon on behalf of Mattress Insider. This memory foam mattress costs $753.00 plus shipping costs of $14.49. The Dream Collection 10 inch Memory Foam Mattress King Size is vacuum packed to make it more manageable during transportation. Perhaps the Dream Collection 10 inch Memory Foam Mattress King Size will once again be carried as stock by Amazon but, at this current time, you will have to try to source this product elsewhere if you want to buy it online.

The Dream Collection 10 inch Memory Foam Mattress King Size consists of two layers of memory foam plus a base layer consisting of high-density polypropylene to ensure appropriate support to the comfort layers it is intended to support. The layer of memory foam that you will be lying on directly below your body consists of visco-elastic open-cell foam that consists of a density of 3lbs per cubic meter. This layer is 2 inches in depth. The layer of memory foam below that, immediately supported by the high-density base layer, consists of convoluted visco-elastic foam, this layer being 1inch deep. The density of the foam in this layer consists of 3lbs per cubic meter.

Put into layman’s terms, this means that the surface of the memory foam remains cool despite the temperature of your body but this in no way detracts from the visco-elasticity conforming to the shape of your body while you are lying on this mattress. In fact, the Dream Collection 10 inch Memory Foam Mattress King Size conforms to comfort yet cool! The layers that make up the Dream Collection 10 inch Memory Foam Mattress King Size are encased in a fully washable cover, easily removable for laundering with a good length of zipper to make the interior layers easy to remove.Dream Collection 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress layers

Furthermore, although the size of the Dream Collection 10 inch Memory Foam Mattress King Size might make it rather unwieldy, with overall dimensions of 79 x76 x 10 inches, the weight of this mattress is only 20lbs so it might be possible to remove the mattress cover without additional help. Personally, however, if help is available, I would certainly not turn the offer down! For comfort, at a dream price, the Dream Collection 10 inch Memory Foam Mattress King Size is certainly a good quality and well-made visco-elastic mattress that is selling well to the mid-range market and, for the price being asked, this particular product matches up well to other memory foam mattresses within a similar price bracket.

Colonial Houses at Williamsburg Virginia

Williamsburg in Virginia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in America for people who love US history, and if you are planning a trip to see the Revolutionary City, then why not make it an even more authentic colonial experience by staying in one of the lovingly recreated Colonial Houses?

Of the six lodging options within Williamsburg itself, these Colonial Houses offer the most interesting and unique experience, allowing you and your family to fully immerse yourself in the Colonial theme with beautiful period style furnishings and art. You also get the privacy of staying in your own cozy cottage style residence, ideal if you are visiting in a large group with your family.

Staying in the Colonial Houses is really convenient, giving you easy access to the many interesting things to see and do in Williamsburg itself, like the great museums, shops, dining options and historical sites, and also giving you a good base to stay at when you want to venture further afield to see places like Busch Gardens and Jamestown.

As well as your own cottage, when you stay at the Colonial Houses in Williamsburg you can also use the spa and health club (appointments are necessary for spa treatments), the outdoor pool, the 45 hole championship golf course, the concierge service, and get access to bicycle rental. As far as amenities within your accommodation itself go, the Colonial theme doesn’t stop you getting your modern creature comforts, so there is free high speed internet, a TV and a coffee maker in your lodgings.

If you want to find out more about staying at the Colonial Houses, or you would like to check availability and make a booking, you can check out the website . For any further information, you can call (757) 220-7978 or their toll free number 1-800-447-8679.

Lodging Options

There are many great places to stay during the festival weekend listed below are just that have worked with the festival for many years. The Williamsburg Area is a popular vacation spot all year round so availability varies. To ensure that you get tech accommodations you desire please consider making reservations as soon as possible to receive the best rates.


America’s Best Inn
1600 Richmond Road,
757-229-1134 or 800-446-1062

Quality Inn Outlet Mall

6493 Richmond Road,
757-565-1111 or 800-524-1442
Complimentary continental breakfast included

Quarterpath Inn

620 York, Route 60 East Williamsburg, Virginia 23185
(757) 220-0960 & (800) 446-9222, Fax: (757) 220-1531


Jamestown Beach Campsites

Fair Oaks Family Campground

901 Lightfoot Road

Outdoor World Williamsburg Resorts

4301 Rochambeau Drive

Williamsburg KOA Resorts

4000 Newman Road

American Heritage RV Park

140 Maxton Lane

Anvil Campgrounds

5243 Mooretown Road

Carter’s Grove Campgound

8758 Pocahantas Trail

Yorktown Victory Center Museum

Visiting the Yorktown Victory Center Museum Near Williamsburg, Virginia

Every year, people from all over the country visit the Williamsburg area in Virginia on vacation. While the area is home to a number of world class theme parks and other attractions, the biggest draws are the sites of historical significance that are found here. If you are staying in or near Colonial Wiliiamsburg and looking to make the most of your time here by visiting all of the most important historic locations, you will definitely want to make time in your vacation itinerary to visit Yorktown.

Yorktown’s Victory Center is one of the best museums and educational centers in the country for finding out more about the lead up to the American Revolution, and the effect the events of the war had on real men, women and children. The victory Center features a number of well presented indoor exhibitions, explaining about things like the Declaration of Independence and what it meant to real local people at the time, as well as the ships involved in the war that used the York river.

For history buffs, this museum is a must see, however it is also accessible enough that it will be interesting to all of the family. In addition to the indoor displays there are also outdoor recreation scenes where you can explore a farm and a soldier’s camp. There are also daily live displays of weapons, where you can see a cannon fired, among other fascinating artillery.

The Yorktown Victory Center is open all year round, with the exception of the major holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year), and is open from 9-5 or 6pm if you visit in July and August. Admission costs $9.50 for adults and $5.50 for kids, except for children under 6 years old who can enter for free. You can find out more about the Victory Center by visiting their official website at or by calling 888-593-4682 or 757-253-4838.

Williamsburg Winery

Visit the Williamsburg Winery in Williamsburg, Virginia

Williamsburg, Virginia is best known as a tourist destination for its historical sites and some of the great, educational recreations of revolutionary life you can see in places like Yorktown and Jamestown. It is also a well equipped family fun destination, with fantastic parks and resorts like Busch Gardens to give all the family lots of opportunities to enjoy thrilling rides and take part in exciting activities. What many visitors to the region don’t realize, however, is that Williamsburg also produces some world class, award winning wines.

At the Williamsburg Winery, you can indulge in fine food to accompany the local wine, take a tour of the winery complete with tastings of some of their best vintage wines, or even stay at their luxurious Wedmore Place lodgings. There are two different tour options available, a $10 tour for the more casual enthusiast who wants to see where the wine is grown and made and taste some of their produce, and a more extensive $35 tour experience where you will also get to taste some of the reserve wine collection with a specially selected cheese board. The $35 tour has to be booked in advance at least 24 hours before you want to attend, and has very limited availability. You can call to arrange it on 757-229-0999 ext 129. The $10 tour is easier to get on and available every day. If you want the basic tour and tasting with lunch included at the site’s beautiful tavern, then you can buy this as a package for $30.

In addition to taking the tour, you can also shop at the fine wine shop on site at the winery where you can buy all of the wines you’ll sample on the tour, so if you discover one you really love, it is easy to take a case home with you!

The wine tours, because of the alcohol consumption involved, are only suitable for adults. For more information about the Williamsburg Winery, their lodgings, and their award winning wines, take a look at their official website on

Williamsburg Botanical Gardens

Visiting Freedom Park and the Williamsburg Botanical Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia

Freedom Park is a recreational park that also has a rich and storied history. It was the site of a battle called the Battle of Spencer’s Ordinary in the Revolutionary War, as well as an 18th century cemetery, and prior to this is was a settlement in the 17th century, which is currently being studied by archaeologists investigating the area’s history. In the 19th century, it became on of America’s first free black settlements, and you can see three cabins from this period that have been lovingly recreated

The park can be explored on foot or by bicycle, and there are hiking trails through the forest covering around two miles as well as twenty full miles of specially made mountain bike paths. Cyclists are not allowed to use these in certain weather conditions because this can cause the trails themselves to deteriorate, so if you are planning a cycling day out in Freedom Park and you aren’t sure about the weather, you can find out if cycling is available in the park calling 757-259-4022.

In addition to the historical sites and the vast forest with its easy to explore trails, you can also check out the Williamsburg Botanical Gardens at Freedom Park. These lush gardens are carefully maintained to create a beautiful and fascinating environment with over 800 species of  plant life.

Finally, there is also a visitor’s center and meeting complex called the Freedom Park Interpretive Center. This has displays of many of the archeological recoveries from the Freedom Park site, as well as maps and an interactive digital tour of the park area. It is also available to be booked for events and conferences.

The park is open daily from 7am until the sun goes down. The Freedom Park Interpretive Center is open from 10-5 on weekdays and 9-5 on weekends.

Colonial Williamsburg

At the heart of the city of Williamsburg, Virginia is Colonial Williamsburg, a fantastic recreation of the 18th century Virginia capital. There is loads to see and do in Colonial Williamsburg, from museums and reenactment performances through to great shops and restaurants, as well as an excellent golf club and spa. There are also six official hotels that you can stay in while you enjoy your vacation here.

In colonial Williamsburg, as much as possible is done to give you the feeling of stepping back in time to the 18th century, while still offering you all of the amenities of a modern resort. This means you can enjoy period food and music in a tavern favored by George Washington, or get involved in an interactive live spy game where you role play someone in revolutionary times trying to work out who you can trust and who is a spy for the other side by completing code breaking puzzles and quests. You can also buy traditional crafts and merchandise, and take a variety of different guided and self guided tours of the city and the museums.

To see everything in Colonial Williamsburg and gain access to all of the museums, as well as the tours, you need to buy an admission ticket. These vary in price depending on how many days you want to be able to access the resort for. A ticket for three consecutive days, which will allow you to enjoy all of the things there are to discover, will cost $49.95 for an adult or $24.95 for a child aged over 6. You can get a discount on these ticket prices by buying them online, so it is advisable to get your admission tickets from the official Colonial Williamsburg site at A single day admission ticket will cost $41.95 for an adult or $20.95 for a child with no online discount currently offered, so it really is very good value to get the three day ticket if you have enough time to spend in the area.

You can also get tickets that grant you admission to Colonial Williamsburg as well as other attractions, for example you can get a ticket for $140 for adults and $115 for children that grants access to Colonial Williamsburg and also Busch Gardens and Water Country USA (seasonal). Check the website for the best option to suit you and your group, or call (757) 229-1000. There is also a lot of information about Colonial Williamsburg on the history foundation website at

Parent Network for the Post Institutionalized Child (PNPIC)

The PNPIC began in 1993. Four “moms” from different parts of the country connected, and began sharing information. They soon realized that there was a significant amount of information available on the effects of institutionalization, and they worked together to find resources to identify and find remediation for the behaviors that their adopted children demonstrated. They began to share this information with others, and they quickly realized they had to find a way to relate the information to the families who had contacted them throughout the country. They agreed on some guidelines and began to publish a newsletter in 1995. Since then, they have heard from thousands of families and professionals. They have made every effort possible to educate families about post-institutionalized children, and have made many contacts in the medical/therapeutic community to further their understanding. In addition to their newsletter, THE POST, they are very active in planning conferences around the United States for families and professionals. Their introductory newsletter which is on this website, describes the potential problems of post- institutionalized children. Other issues of their newsletter contain articles written by professionals and address, among other topics, medical, social, psychological and educational issues and treatment strategies for “their” children. Please use the order form to subscribe to THE POST and to obtain other information that they have available. They accept checks and money orders.

The PNPIC is not involved in the adoption process itself; they talk about issues that agencies generally don’t want to discuss – the effects of institutionalization on a child.

They are frequently asked by pre-adoptive families how they can avoid some of the problems they have been hearing about in the media. There really isn’t a good or simple response to that question. Its a wonderful idea to adopt a child from an institution – but the harsh reality is that it is often not a “happy ever after” story.

Many families are lead to believe that with love, attention, medical care and good nutrition the adopted child will become “typical” in six months. It just isn’t true. Their research has shown that most children coming from a deprived background will have some issues that will not go away on their own and other issues that may never go away. Professional intervention is inevitable. Dr. Victor Groza, who conducted a study of over 400 Romanian adopted children, concluded that 20% of the children “overcame their pasts and are thriving” ; 60% “have made vast strides, but continue to lag behind their peers” and 20% “have shown little improvement and are almost unmanageable”. These statistics have subsequently been validated by a study done by Dr. Dana Johnson /Dr. Laurie Miller and by a Canadian study done by Dr. Elinor Ames. Be aware, too, that a child’s behavior in an orphange setting is not necessarily the behavior you will see in a home setting. It is almost impossible to predict and fully evaluate a child who has learned to cope in an institutional setting. Educate yourself. Learn about the types of problems associated with institutionalization. Know what you can handle emotionally, financially and physically. Make your decision on what you can handle – adoption is a lifelong commitment – so make it a decision based on fact, not on emotion.

They have appeared on a number of television shows and in the print media. Their children have significant developmental differences as well as developmental delays. They had no idea of the challenges they would face or how their lives would change. They are lucky that they have been able to cope with their children’s problems and needs. Not all families have been so fortunate. Neither of us, for a moment, regret that they adopted their children. they wish that their adoption agency had been honest about the kinds of issues they would face, and provided us with information on where to get help the moment they got off the plane from Romania. they wasted two valuable years thinking that the problems would magically disappear with love, nutrition and medical attention! they cannot imagine life without their children – their challenges are great, but their love is unmeasurable.

Advice for Tenants

The Tenancy Agreement

When you move into a rented flat or house, you will normally be asked to sign a tenancy agreement. This is a legally binding agreement between you and the landlord and sets out the basis upon which you occupy the property. If you are not given a tenancy agreement, you should insist on being provided with one.

The tenancy agreement should set out the following information:

  • the name and address of the landlord
  • your name (as tenant)
  • the type of tenancy agreement (normally, these days, an assured shorthold tenancy – see below)
  • the date the tenancy began and its duration (a fixed term, say 12 months, or periodic from week to week or month to month)
  • the amount of any deposit required and any rent payable in advance
  • the amount of rent payable and when an increase in rent can be expected
  • who is responsible for any other charges (such as council tax, a service charge or water rates)
  • an address to which notices can be sent to the landlord (e.g. that repairs are needed)
  • a list of conditions for the tenant to agree to (e.g. not to sublet or cause a nuisance)
  • a list of requirements on the landlord (e.g. to maintain the property in good repair)
  • a section outlining the ways the tenancy can be ended and grounds for repossession of the property

Landlords Obligations

The tenancy agreement does not always deal fully with the landlord’s obligations. Note that the landlord is legally required to do, or not do, the following.

  • provide you with a rent book if you pay rent weekly
  • allow you quiet enjoyment of the property
  • not to evict you by force
  • maintain the property in repair (although you may be responsible for certain minor repairs)

Assured Tenants

All tenancies granted these days are assured tenancies. These are tenancies expressed to be from week to week or from month to month carrying on for an indefinite period. Unless you aree to leave, the landlord can only get you out if he gets a court order and can prove one of a number of grounds for possession (such as, non payment of rent or damage by you to the property).

The most common type of assured tenancy is an “assured shorthold tenancy” which is a tenancy agreement for a fixed term (minimum 6 months). Under these agreements, the landlord is legally entitled to repossession of the property at the end of the fixed period provided he or she serves you a notice in writing 2 months prior to expiry of the fixed term of the tenancy requiring you to leave at the end of the tenancy.

Note also the following.

  • the landlord must serve a notice in writing giving 1 month’s clear notice of a rent increase providing details of it,
  • if the landlord wishes to gain repossession of the property prior to the end of the fixed term of the agreement, he or she must give you 14 days written notice and, if you do not agree to leave, he or she must get a court order requiring you to leave,
  • the court will only order you to leave before the end of your tenancy agreement if the landlord can prove grounds for repossession such as your poor treatment of the property or you have not paid the rent,
  • if you have done nothing wrong, the landlord will normally only be able to evict you before the end of your agreement if he or she can offer you reasonable alternative accommodation.

Licences to Occupy

Your landlord may get you to enter into a licence agreement instead of a tenancy ageement. This is something less than a tenancy agreement and applies where you do not get exclusive possession of any part of the property. This may occur where the agreement requires that you share a bedroom with another tenant who is not renting the place with you. Where your right to the property is by way of a licence, you will not have any rights as a tenant. Where your landlord claims this to be the case, you may need legal advice.

Accommodation Agencies

If you use one of these, note that it is illegal for them to take money from you before they have found you a place to live.

Problems with Neighbours

These can arise in a number of ways such as neighbours playing loud music during the night, barking dogs or rubbish not being properly bagged. There are a number of possible solutions.

  • if the neighbour is also a tenant of your landlord, then complain to the landlord who will have an obligation towards you not to allow his other tenants to cause you a nuisance
  • complain to the local Environmental Health Department who have wide powers to take legal action against unreasonable neighbours
  • if you are being seriously harrassed by a neighbour, then complain to the police