Do you ever read a book and there’s an abbreviation like BBW tagged as the headline and you go ‘what does that stand for??’ It’s Big Beautiful Woman  by the way, but the point is, there are just so many abbreviations we throw around in the book world and it’s easy to forget what they stand for. So, I took the liberty of making a list of abbreviations I use and see around a lot. If I left one out, let me know and I’ll be sure to add to the list!

TBR = To Be Read (usually refers to our reading lists)

TBA = To Be Announced (occasionally used for book release dates/info)

TBD = To Be Determined (occasionally used for book release dates/info)

WTH = What the Heck/Hell (believe me I’ve seen this used in stories)

HEA = Happily Ever After (refers to the book ending)

HFN = Happy For Now (refers to the book ending)

ICYMI = In Case You Missed It (I use this one a lot)

POV = Point of View

DNF = Did Not Finish (DNF-ing a book)

ARC = Advanced Reader Copy (unpublished version of the book provided to the reviewer/blogger by the author or publisher)

IMO = In My Opinion

T = Taboo (occasionally books will be marked to warn readers of taboo content)

BOB = Battery Operated Boyfriend

BB = Book Boyfriend

NSFW = Not Safe For Work (those steamy reads hehehe)

M/M = male/male

M/F/M = menage with straight men (male/female/male)

M/M/F = menage with bi men (male/male/female)

BDSM = BD (bondage & discipline), SM (sadism & masochism)

D/s = Dom/sub

H/h = Hero/heroine

UST = Unresolved Sexual Tension

BBW = Big Beautiful Woman

LGBT = Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender

PNR = Paranormal Romance (I use this one a lot)

YA = Young Adult

NA = New Adult (I use this a lot too)

UF = Urban Fantasy

MC = Main Character OR Motorcycle Club (depending on the context of the user)

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