I Have to Watch out for the Brothers

Of course I was not the least bit surprised at what I found when I had to talk to Mark and Frank. As always Mark was busy with his family, playing golf and hanging out at the country club. He and his wife were involved in a lot of charity work, which was what they wanted to discuss. Frank had a huge hangover when I found him, there was a knock out gorgeous Latina escort hanging out at the pool with him. She seemed delighted by how distracted I was by the bikini she was sort of wearing. I knew that he could actually afford this sort of thing, his parents left the two of them an incredible fortune and I was making sure that the money was always working even if the two of them never did. I had papers for him to sign and I realized there was a white powder on the table. It could have been sugar or flour, but we were out by his pool and I do not think either of them was baking cookies out there.

At any rate Frank started to cough and wheeze. I thought that I needed to call an ambulance, but he acted like it was normal. When I talked to his brother about it, he was not surprised either. Apparently Mark has people spying on his brother and he told me that they were trying to figure out how to get him to cut down on his bad habits. He asked me if I could somehow cut him off, but I am only allowed to do what the will says I should. Basically I am here to make sure that the money lasts as long as the two of them do and beyond. In fact I take care of their kids if that happens.