Invacare Mattress Review

Invacare is a leading brand name in-home hospital equipment. An Invacare mattress is an ideal choice when you need a bed for home care for yourself or a loved one. The brand has a full line of innerspring mattresses, bariatric mattresses and foam mattresses for home health care.

Invacare also offers bed frames and home hospital beds that provide comfort and support for patients recovering from surgery or those that are restricted to bed due to illness. The mattress that is used in a hospital bed can make all the difference in how the patient recovers from their illness. Being restricted to bed for a long time can cause bed sores and other discomforts. Choosing a mattress that supports the body appropriately in all the right places can avoid these discomforts.Invacare Mattress Review

Invacare makes a full line of mattresses that will provide support for the body without causing any of the discomforts that are usually associated with long periods without the ability to change position. Invacare mattresses also come in a variety of sizes to accommodate a hospital bed. The mattresses will fit the hospital beds that the company also sells for patients use at home.

Invacare Mattresses for Bariatric Patients

Bariatric mattresses are designed to help the bariatric patient recover from surgery without the discomforts of a mattress that is not designed to support the extra weight. Rest is an important part of the recovery process and a mattress that fully supports the body will help provide that recuperative rest.

Invacare also makes a full line of replacement mattresses and overlays for their home hospital beds. Home hospital beds are an expensive piece of equipment, which is why it is important to select the right mattress. Overlays help to keep the mattress in good condition for a longer time.

Invacare Mattress and Bed Packages

Invacare offers complete packages for home use that includes a bed frame, rails, and mattress. These packages allow you to get everything you need to set up the hospital bed right in your home with materials and equipment that is designed to work together.Invacare Mattress and Bed Packages

Invacare Comfort Options

Most hospital beds come with an adjustable innerspring mattress, but you can select from other materials with Invacare mattresses. Choose the material that best suits your comfort needs. Foam mattresses offer a great deal more support for the body than an innerspring mattress. For those who will be spending a good amount of time in the bed, this may be the best option.

Invacare Alternating Air Mattress

Invacare Alternating Air Mattress

An Invacare mattress has an alternating pressure mattress that distributes the air pressure to prevent bedsores. The mattress features a pump that distributes the air throughout the mattress for the best comfort for bedridden patients. The Invacare mattress features an alarm that alerts the sleeper when the pressure becomes too low or when the pump is disconnected from the bed. The bed monitors the pressure on the surface of the mattress at all times to ensure that there is a proper distribution of air throughout the mattress for the best comfort.

Invacare Memory Foam Underlays

Invacare Memory Foam Underlays

The Invacare Mattress line also has memory foam overlays to provide maximum comfort for patients who must remain in one position for a long period. Memory foam eliminates the discomfort of pressure points on the body that occurs with traditional innerspring mattresses. The mattress does not conform to the body and creates gaps in support. This can cause undue pressure in particular areas of the body. While this can be uncomfortable in a traditional bed, when someone must spend all of their time in bed, it can cause serious problems. An Invacare mattress overlay is a good option for improving comfort in a hospital bed.